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Parrot drone drifts backward when I build the code!

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Muhammad Adeel Ahsan Awan
Muhammad Adeel Ahsan Awan on 16 Sep 2021 at 22:05
I am using MATLAB 2020b version and trying to implement my own control algrithm. I successfully implemented the code and hover and path tracking flight was fine. However, the drone got dropped in the water while playing. I put it in rice then sun to let it dry. And when it got completely dry, i fllew it with using Parrot mini mobile app and it was working quite good. However, there was issue with one of the motors on rear side. Unfortunately, i could not find the motors for parrot mambo drone exactly, but i found the motor for 8.5 by 20 mm which is the same size as of the parrot drone motors. I again flew it with the parrot app on mobile and the flight is very good. However, when i Build and deply the code from Simulink support package (both my algorithm and original one), it drifts backwards too much and gets hit with something else. Can any one help me out here. What should i do to avoid this!
Thanks in Advance!

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