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How to calculate the binned average at the center of each X and Y grid points?

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I have a grid like the below and a 3-column data: x, y, z.
[X Y] = ndgrid([-179.5:179.5], [-89.5:89.5]);
How do I calculate the average within each bins? The average needs to be with latitude/longitude at the center of each lat/lon grid box (e.g. lat/lon 0.5/0.5 for the mean of all values within the box 0.0 to 1.0 latitude including the southernmost point 0.0 but not the northernmost point 1.0"

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Matt J
Matt J il 29 Set 2021
[N,~,~,binX,binY] = histcounts2(x,y,([-179.5:179.5], [-89.5:89.5]);
zBinned = accumarray([binX,binY],z(:))./N;

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