How can I plot two arrays with different number of columns in one figure with different colours?

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Hi all,
If I have two arrays:
A (m,2) & B (n,2)
where n and m are the number of columns in each. let say m=100 and n=4. Both arrays have the same number of rows. I want to plot both arrays in the same figure with different colours.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Evan on 6 Aug 2014
Is this what you mean?
A = [1:100;rand(1,100)]; % random example data
B = [1:4;3*rand(1,4)];

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Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry on 6 Aug 2014
MATLAB uses (row,column) indexing, so I think you've got it backwards in your examples A and B :)
But, assuming you want to plot row 1 vs row 2 for A and B, ie y vs x or A(1,:) vs A(2,:), then you can use the plot function with both sets of data and MATLAB will assign different colors automatically:
And if you want to plot row 2 vs row 1, just switch the order of arguments in the plot function.
You can also see more plot options and examples here:


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