How do I install Guide to AppDesigner Migration Tool without the internet?

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I need to install the Guide to AppDesigner Migration Tool on my work computers that are not connected to the internet. I followed the steps listed in the Accepted Answer in but it didn't work. I followed the steps on my computer that is connected to the internet following these steps and it worked fine. I believe the problem is that the computers that are not connected to the internet each have their own individual license that do not have a corresponding license on a computer that is on the internet. From the Accepted Anser in the link above, "The below steps must be performed on a machine connected to a network that does not have the download restrictions but with the same MATLAB license installed as the target machine." The downloaded files that I copied to the target machine were from a machine that had a different license. Would this be the problem? If so, is there a workaround? Thanks.

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Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh il 12 Gen 2022
You should try the solution suggested in the following answers, link1,link2.
Hope this helps.
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Barney Anderson
Barney Anderson il 12 Gen 2022
I tried this and it didn't work. Does the computer that has access to the internet need to have the same license as the computer that does not? The computer that does not have access to the internet has a license that is unique that single computer and does not match the license of the computer that does have access ot the internet. Could this be my problem? If so, how do I resolve this? Thanks.

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Rik il 12 Gen 2022
Since in principle you should only need this migration tool once per project, wouldn't it be feasible to migritate on the online computer and then continue the further development on the offline machine?
It wouldn't be an actual solution to your problem, but it would circumvent the issue.
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Barney Anderson
Barney Anderson il 12 Gen 2022
Thanks Rik. That's a possible option if I can't migrate to App Designer. Future maintenance and possible obscolescence issues would be avoided if I convert to App Designer now. I would think that there would be a solution to accomplish this for the system that I have described.
Rik il 13 Gen 2022
If you're worried about obsolescence, I would use plain m files. I don't see why they would remove that any time soon. I also don't see why Mathworks would remove figures any time soon. I expect the mlapp format to change several times before figures are removed in favor of making uifigure the default.

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