Compare two matrices in Matlab

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Marcel Been
Marcel Been on 18 Aug 2014
Answered: Iain on 18 Aug 2014
  • matrix1=[1:20]';
  • matrix2=[21:40]';
  • combined_matrix1_and_matrix2=[matrix1 matrix2];
If the value is equal to a number of matrix1, then show the number of matrix2. When the number isn´t shown in matrix1, then the programm give the answer ´error´
I don't know how to build this programm
  • for example:
  • the value is 13
  • matrix1 has this number.
  • the programm have to show the value: 33.

Accepted Answer

Iain on 18 Aug 2014
answer = matrix2(matrix1 == number_of_interest)

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