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finding the min value in a cell array

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Duncan il 20 Ago 2014
Modificato: DGM il 25 Lug 2022
I have the following:
cell = {[5;2;4;3;6;9] [2;5;4;8;9;7] [8;4;5;6;7;9]}
I would like to find the minimum value in the first two columns of "cell".
basically I want to take the first two columns and compute the smallest value. i.e. 2
How should I do that?

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Guillaume il 20 Ago 2014
You've not well defined what you mean by minimum (overall minimum or minimum of each column).
Overall minimum:
min(vertcat(c{[1 2]}))
minimum of each column:
cellfun(@min, c)
By the way, do not name your variable cell, this will prevent using from using the built-in cell function.
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Duncan il 20 Ago 2014
thank you, I meant overall minimum
DGM il 25 Lug 2022
Modificato: DGM il 25 Lug 2022
@Mehri Mehrnia's comment-as-answer moved here:
min(vertcat(c{[1 2]})) : it computes just for 1st array.
I look for all arrays that each array is a vector with different size.

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