PWM gneration using arduino mega 2560 through simulink

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Respected sir/madam I am facing problem to generate the PWM using arduino mega 2560. I am generating the PWM pulses using simulink, PWM genration block at 50 % duty cycle but , arduino mega 2560 generates just upto 1200 hz digital output otherwise overrun detection occurs. I have tested on all pins. So how can i generate the digital output at any frequency( 20khz, 50khz) using simulink without occurrence overrun detection.

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oday il 5 Gen 2015
Have you found any solution to your problem, please let me know

jiwanjot singh
jiwanjot singh il 6 Gen 2015
No.i Think it is not possible by simulink..because in the digital block no timer option is available..I think digital output block of arduino blockset needed to be reconstruct then may possible.

Ahmet yüksel
Ahmet yüksel il 29 Nov 2016
Have you found any soluion to your problem, please let me know
pls may you help me

Saipraveen il 29 Nov 2018
Currently the PWM block generates in the default frequency. The frequency of the pins 4 & 13 is 976.5Hz while the other PWM pins generate at 490.1Hz.


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