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Is it possible to read a value out of a graph, and use this value in simulink?

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I need something (a code) to read a value out of a (self created) graph. This value i want to put in my simulink model.
The graph will be created by two matrices, but not all the values are in the matrix, so with a graph the line is not blocked, but nicely curved. And this gives me the missing numbers in the matrices. So a good sollution for the missing values.
I want to get the Y-value of the graph, by putting the X-value (from simulink) in this 'code', to get the corresponding value/number out the graph to put this back in my simulink programm.
Hopefully you understand what i mean. And i hope somebody have a sollution or hint for me.
PS: English is not my native language

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 27 Ago 2014
After using the 'dwim' toolbox, I think you what you need is this one: 1-D Lookup Table
mvg, IH

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Muhammad Faizan Tahir
Muhammad Faizan Tahir il 27 Ago 2014
Please guide me how i can ask the question on this forum

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 27 Ago 2014
It looks like all you want is to interpolate your values. You may want to use the interp1 function for this.
Assuming that you need to use this value as a parameter in your Simulink model, you can simply enter the name of the base workspace variable in the Simulink block dialog in place of a value.


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