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Asked by Plastic Soul on 3 Sep 2014
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Dear all,
I am using Matlab to extract data from huge text files (2 Gb), plot them, calculate various mathematical operations and plot them as well. And I made a very nice GUI to automatize everything. The thing is... It is extremely slow even though I have a very nice computer (4th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor 2.20 GHz and 16 Gb RAM). It even freezes when ever I try to plot FFT. Every file has two columns and around 75,000,000 rows. I import them by textscan (widnow size 10000) and it is ok, as it takes 15 minutes to import 6 of such files. However, if I want to process those files somehow and plot them (even using LinePlotReducer), it is very slow. Not to mention saving them in .mat file as variables. Is there any way this can be improved? Maybe saving to specific file format and then loading them in a special way (PointToMat)? But then, how to plot such huge information at once? For i.e. how to plot 7 graphs at once, each of them having 80,000,000 points? Or their FFT? Can parallel computing help me in this case? I would say that it is more up to memory... Let me know what you think.
Thanks everyone.


What is your OS and the architecture of your computer? 32 or 64bit? Whether parallel computing will help you depends on the nature of your problem. It won't remedy memory shortcomings though.
It is win8 and 64bit. I believe its memory related, cause the slowest things is to plot and explore the plot.

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