Fuel cells connected to converter. Error: Input current must be less than Maximum expected supply-side current.

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Hello, I want to replace the battery in the model(Electric Aircraft Model in Simscape - File Exchange - MATLAB Central (mathworks.cn)) with fuel cells(Fuel cell electrical system - MATLAB - MathWorks 中国), which is shown as follow:
However, the initial output current of the fuel cells seemed too high, and an error occured.
Maybe it is beacuse the reference torque of PMSM is 0 at initial state, and this makes the equivalent resistance too small.
Could anyone give me some suggestions to solve this error? Thanks in advance.

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Sabin il 9 Gen 2023
I believe this is related to how the Fuel Cell block is initialized (initial voltage/current). Probably would be a good idea to use also a capacitor between + and - terminals of the Fuel Cell block.


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