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How to build an Ensemble Voting Classifier Model?

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I want to build an ensemble voting classifer model as you can see below.
I used classification learner app for my train data.
According to the above idea, I want to combine 4 of the classification models that give highest accuracy rate.
For example;
knn, svm, decision tree give output 1 as a label, naive bayes algorithm gives output 2 as label.
Then the model should gives output 1 as for voting criteria after single classification of each model.
(here obtaining the classification accuracy rate of this ensemble model is also important)
Thank you.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy il 1 Nov 2021

Nagwa megahed
Nagwa megahed il 3 Giu 2022
Did you find the way ? please if you reach to it help me with it as i need to implement the same idea very necessary

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