Is it possible to assign specific nodes in a batch job?

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I have a remote cluster with 8 nodes, for a total of 32 workers.
When I send a batch job to the cluster, is it possible to send the job specifically to only 1 or some of the nodes?

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris il 15 Ott 2021
I'm gathering you're using the MATLAB job scheduler (MJS). If so, then no, MJS doesn't provide a way to specify which node(s) to run on. However, it's feasible to do this with other common schedulers (e.g. PBS). If you're not using MJS, post back which scheduler you're using and we can give you suggestions.
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Maria il 15 Ott 2021
Modificato: Maria il 15 Ott 2021
I am using MJS, but good to know that other schedulers give more options. As a follow up question, with a MJS, can I at least decide which node will be used to run the batch script?
We are thinking about building an a-symmetric cluster. In fact, I noticed that, when I send batch job to the cluster, if the function I call in the batch initializes a big matrix (and I do not use "distributed" because I want to use parfor), this happens on node 1, and I see that only on node 1 the memory gets full.
If with MJS I cannot change this behavior (initialization of matrices in the first node), then we need to plan the cluster properly, meaning, having the first node with more memory than the others. Or, we change scheduler.

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