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Can one run Matlab/Simulink models via Bluetooth on a Lego Mindstorm EV3 brick ?

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I was told by Lego Technical Support that this is very much possible, but I do not get the option to select Bluetooth in the Target Hardware Selection Window in Matlab/Simulink (Tools>Run on target hardware>Options), I can only enter an IP address.
I do get the Bluetooth option if I select the target hardware as Lego Mindstorm NXT though, but I only have an EV3 brick.

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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar il 7 Ott 2014
Sorry, I mis-read the documentation, you are right, as of MATLAB R2014b EV3 is not supported for bluetooth on Simulink yet and only option to connect and deploy models is Wi-Fi.
- Sandip

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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar il 7 Ott 2014
As mentioned in the documentation here:
As soon as the computer is able to connect to the EV3 bluetooth, you should be able to execute :
myev3 = legoev3('Bluetooth','COM15');
This way you can connect to your EV3 brick.
Thanks, Sandip, MathWorks

Devansh Mehta
Devansh Mehta il 8 Ott 2014
Thanks Sandip. Yeah the Mathworks technical support team said the same. I managed to get it working via Wifi. It's a bit strange though that Bluetooth was supported for the NXT but is not for the more recent EV3.


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