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Bus signals from simulink functional block

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Neal Chaudhuri
Neal Chaudhuri il 1 Nov 2021
Commentato: Neal Chaudhuri il 3 Nov 2021
Hey everyone,
I am trying to get bus data in and out of matlab function block in simulink. Here's a simple model I have tried to test to it out:
The function is defined as :
function y = fcn(b1, b2)
y.b1 = b1 - b2;
y.b2 = b1 + b2;
I have created a simulinkBus; "x" as shown in the image below:
But I keep getiing this error, when I run my model:
What am I doing wrong here?

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 2 Nov 2021
look here
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Neal Chaudhuri
Neal Chaudhuri il 3 Nov 2021
Hey Alex,
Thanks for your suggestion. I have been following the information from the link you recommended, but to no avail.
And, I also can't find "Ports and Data Manager" in my simulink toolstrip.

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