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power and voltage unit of GUI is not working

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mawar melati
mawar melati il 2 Nov 2021
Risposto: Alex Alex il 8 Nov 2021
i have made a GUI for Wind Plant Simulink system. and i have change the power and voltage units from MW and KV to W and V. but i didn't see a different result from what it was. the resul for voltages was 0,009 and power was 0,33 but it still like that eventhough i change the power and voltages unit in preferences of GUI.
thank you for advance

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Alex Alex
Alex Alex il 8 Nov 2021
Mb in formula used U^2. Lets try with R=1. P=(U^2)/R
When U = 1 KV = 1000V => P = 1MW
When U = 1 V = 1V => P = 1W
Input "1" = Ouput "1" in both cases


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