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Import multiple xml.files in a folder

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Vlatko Milic
Vlatko Milic il 16 Nov 2021
Commentato: Vlatko Milic il 16 Nov 2021
I have more than 100 xml.files in a folder and I would like to import them in matlab. Each as a separate table for example and also to keep the names of the various file names. I cannot use the import tool since it does not deal with this file type. Does anybody have some advice?

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ANKUR KUMAR il 16 Nov 2021
You can use the dir command to store the file names and use for loop to read all the files.
F = dir('path/*.xml')
for index = 1:length(F)
DOMnode = xmlread(F(index));
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Vlatko Milic
Vlatko Milic il 16 Nov 2021
Thank you for the feedback Ankur! I get the error "Error using xmlread (line 112)
Input must be a file name or URL"
Any idea on what it can be?

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