how can I use a loop instead of cellfun

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Manav Divekar
Manav Divekar on 23 Nov 2021
Edited: Jan on 23 Nov 2021
function [out] = motifsupport (s,n)
% Returns indicies of found targets.
f1 = strfind(s,n);
% Returns all the not matching strings.
nomatch = cellfun(@isempty, f1);
match = length(nomatch(nomatch == 0));
out = match/length(f1);

Answers (1)

Jan on 23 Nov 2021
Edited: Jan on 23 Nov 2021
Why do you want to use a loop? To improve the speed? Then there are better methods:
  • cellfun('isempty', f1) is faster than cellfun(@isempty, f1), but it does not work with strings. Are the inputs char vectors or strings?
  • length(nomatch(nomatch == 0)): Faster: numel(s) - sum(nomatch).
  • nomatch = cellfun(@isempty, strfind(s,n)): Faster: nomatch = ~contains(s, n)
function out = motifsupport(s,n)
out = sum(contains(s, n)) / numel(s);
Is there still a need to use a loop?
function out = motifsupport(s, n)
count = 0;
for is = 1:numel(s)
count = count + any(strfind(s{is}, n));
out = count / nuzmel(s);




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