Very blurry fonts in the editor

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I am running MATLAB 2021b on a Windows 11 Pro (build 2021.11.19.25830534) desktop with Ryzen 9 5950X CPU andh NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU (driver 496.76). I am using Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN monitor with resolution 5120x1440 at 120Hz.
Everthing looks fine except for the code editor. If I open an .m file, after a few seconds fonts start to fade and turn into what is shown below:
Changing the background colour, font type or font colour does not fix the problem.
If I select the text, the image becomes sharp and gradually (1-2 seconds) fades back to being blured.
Thank you for your help!
(I am aware that Windows 11 is not officially supported.)
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Rastko Sknepnek
Rastko Sknepnek il 23 Nov 2021
Switching HDR on and off does not make a difference.
Rastko Sknepnek
Rastko Sknepnek il 23 Nov 2021
A followup. If I close MATLAB and in Windows Explorer right-click on an .m file and select Open With -> MATLAB 2021b, it opens and works fine.

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Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh il 10 Feb 2022
Can you try out the solution suggested in the following answer. Option for disabling "FXAA" can be found in Nvidia Control Panel under "Manage 3D settings". You can disable this option only for the MATLAB application from Nvidia Control Panel.
Hope this helps.
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Rastko Sknepnek
Rastko Sknepnek il 10 Feb 2022
Thank you for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, it did not solve the problem. I have also tried turning on and off other antialising settings with no effect.
I have, however, noticed that the problem with blurry editor fonts appears only after I open the documentation window by typing 'doc' in the Command Window. As long as I do not use the built-in doumentation, everything seems to be working fine.

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