Needing help registering and avergaing shifted frames

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Cameron Kreevich
Cameron Kreevich on 29 Nov 2021
Commented: Image Analyst on 30 Nov 2021
i have a mat file that contains 20 shifted frames of an image. I have put together a code using the phase correlation method. however i am getting some errors and warnings I am not sure how to work around. The code is posted below

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Nov 2021
I see:
Error using imread>get_full_filename (line 569)
File "frame1.tif" does not exist.
Error in imread (line 371)
fullname = get_full_filename(filename);
Error in test8 (line 11)
fixed = imread('frame1.tif');
The problem is that you do not have frame1.tif as a file on disk in the current folder, or on the search path, thus imread() cannot find it.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Nov 2021
Yes, if the first image is your "fixed" image that all other images need to be aligned to. In fact it would be better because then your images are the actual images instead of a screen capture of an image on a figure.

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