How do I customize an Electrical Simscape block?

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to modify the Active Power absorbed by a Three-Phase Series RLC Load during simulations. Something similar to which is described in the following link:
The first solution provided in the above link is to "Custom a Simscape Component", however, I'm not able to reach the source code of the cited block.
1) Do you have this source code?
2) Do you know an easier way to do what I am trying to do?
Thank you very much for your time,
Jose Miguel.

Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 22 Dec 2021
Hello Jose,
that block is a fundamental RLC block so it cannot be customized. You could customize the dynamic three phase load block instead. However, you might not even need to customize it as it might do what you are looking for.
Depending on what you are doing, you might want to switch to using simscape instead of specialized power systems. For most utility based simulaiton, I would prefer specialized power systems, but specifically for dynamic loads, simscape is often easier to use. This has to do with the fact that simscape can implement a time varying resistance, while specialized power systems can only mimic the behavior.


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