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where is the pvalue of the model stored in fitlm or fitglm?

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I'm looking for the model pvalue in comparison to the constant interception, not the variable pvalues. Thanks

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Dameng Yin
Dameng Yin il 15 Nov 2018
Modificato: Dameng Yin il 15 Nov 2018
I had the same question. While looking for the answer online, I found the answer to this from here: StackOverflow.
This would work for fitlm as well:
p = coefTest(mdl);
I'm using Matlab 2018a. Not sure if the function is available in previous versions.

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yanarof foranay
yanarof foranay il 28 Set 2018
This answer may come a bit late, but at least it can help people that google the same problem (like me):
The p-value of the F-statistic vs. constant model (for the fitglm) can be retrieved like this:
pVal = RL_Model.devianceTest.pValue;

Tom Lane
Tom Lane il 27 Ott 2014
Try this:
load hald
lm = fitlm(ingredients,heat)
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Theo il 28 Ott 2014
Thanks but that's not what I want. That's the pvalue of the intercept or basically each of the predictors. I'm looking for the model pvalue in comparison to the constant intercept. in your example for instance it's F-statistic vs. constant model: 111, p-value = 4.76e-07

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Duijnhouwer il 25 Mar 2016
This works (Matlab 2015b):
load hald

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