Are there "pause on error" and "run and time" options when running a live script

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When running a *.m file, I have the option to "pause on error" and to "run and time". I cannot find this options when running *.mlx files. Do this options exist, or is there a neat workaround that reproduces these options?

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Akash Singh
Akash Singh on 7 Dec 2021
1. Pause on error
This option does not exist in live editor (.mlx). Please refer to the section 'Error Breakpoints' in the link below for more information.
2. Run and time
This does exist for a .mlx file. You can click 'Run and Time' from code tab and open profiler.
One the profiler opens, you can just enter your code/function name/file name and click on 'Run and Time' to execute.
For example, if you have a file named sampleLoop.mlx with code -
for i = 1:10
All you have to do is enter 'sampleLoop' in the profiler and say 'Run and Time'
For more information refer to link below -

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