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What does mean of the colorbar value in density plot

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ı am using densityScatterChart (x,y) command for my datasets. But ı dont know what is main formulation under algorithm. for example uploded the image. we can see colorbar value start with 5 and end with 40. so how we find this range; is it percentage or distance between point, or any other proxmity factors? ı should be sure what is equation and main principle to explain value when ı do density scatter plot. Can anyone help me?

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Sarthak il 26 Feb 2024
Modificato: Sarthak il 26 Feb 2024
Hello Gulshan,
As per my understanding, the main principle behind the density calculation is to estimate the probability density function of a random variable, which in the context of a scatter plot, is the joint distribution of the x and y variables.
The range you see on the colorbar (5 - 40 in your case) could represent the raw density estimates, or it could be a normalized or scaled version of these estimates. The interpretation of these numbers as percentages, distances, or any other measure depends on the context of the data and the specific implementation of the density estimation algorithm.
The colorbar range is from 5 - 40 because all values plotted on the map lie between these values. However I would recommend reaching out to the author of this function for more information regarding the main principle and equation used.
I hope the above explaination successfully resolve your query!

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