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writecell() error with 'AutoFitWidth' option

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Changho Yun
Changho Yun il 13 Dic 2021
Commentato: Changho Yun il 22 Dic 2021
If i put the following single line in MATLAB_R2021b, I have an error massage that 'AutoFitWidth' is not valid parameter name.
Other options are working well, but only 'AutoFitWidth' does not work.
The exact error massage is the following (Its in Korean)
다음 사용 중 오류가 발생함: writecell (195번 라인)
유효하지 않은 파라미터 이름임: AutoFitWidth.

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Gargi Patil
Gargi Patil il 21 Dic 2021
The property AutoFitWidth is used to adjust column width automatically. Thus, it can only be used when writing to spreadsheet file formats of the type .xls, .xlsx etc. and not while writing to text files.
The following code snippet can be used instead:
writecell({1,2},'temp.xlsx','AutoFitWidth', true);
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Changho Yun
Changho Yun il 22 Dic 2021
Thank you.
I thought it makes empty spaces to align the columns

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