Adding file in Excel with ActiveX and OLEObject

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gdell0 on 17 Dec 2021
Commented: gdell0 on 20 Dec 2021
I have a question about Excel automation and OLEObject.
I have a code that generate a Excel report using ActiveX. My purpose is to insert a file (in my case .html) in a Excel worksheet so that the user can access it by cliking on the icon :
Here the code I tested (Matlab 2016b) :
e = actxserver('Excel.Application');
WB = e.Workbooks.Open(MyExcelFile);
eSheets = e.activeWorkbook.Sheets;
eSheetDatas = eSheets.get('Item', 1);
eSheetDatas.OLEObjects.Add([],MyHTMLFile,0,1,[],[],[],100,500,50,50); % For the options I want to fix a position, and show an icon
When I run this, Matlab get stuck like in infinite loop.
I think the syntax of the OLEObject.Add is not good for matlab.
Any help please ?
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gdell0 on 20 Dec 2021
I did some more tests. In fact my code got stuck on the line :
But only if I use add an OLE object before. I already used Close(WB) on another code with writing datas and changing forms and it worked well.
So I thouth about an issue while saving the xls file with the OLE object and tried this :
WB.Close(1, MyExcelFile)
But same behavior. Matlab get stuck on this line without closing the file.
If someone has an idea.

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