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[App Designer]how to make endless loop program.

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I want to create an app that continuously receives input and displays new images.
If I simply put a function that creates an image like below,
function make_image()
the program seems to freeze. How should I design it?
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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 22 Dic 2021
@Jae-Hee Park - consider using a timer to periodically update your image. The timer could have a period of one second (or less) and within its callback, you would make the update (similar to the body of your while loop).

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Jae-Hee Park
Jae-Hee Park il 23 Dic 2021
Geoff Hayes 2021년 12월 21일 13:12
@Jae-Hee Park - why is a while loop needed? When the new data is received, draw the image then. The problem with the while loop is that your code will become "stuck" within it and no other action (GUI button press, callback, etc.) will be called unless you make the loop interruptible by introducing a pause or the drawnow like @Benjamin suggests.

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