Hi, can anyone help me to program a code for the equation with initial and boundary conditions using finite difference method

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Nur Nadhirah Syed Malik
Nur Nadhirah Syed Malik on 31 Dec 2021
Edited: William Rose on 1 Jan 2022
Hi, I really need help from anyone help me with how to do a program code for governing equation with initial and boundary condition. Also, I want to plot graph velocity(u) against radius (r). The radius will be the x-axis and the range should be from 0 to 1 only. I will be really appreciated if anyone can help me. Thank you so much. Inside the coding there must be include discrerization of the governing equation. If u need , I wiil send it here right away.
The governing equation is:

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William Rose
William Rose on 31 Dec 2021
I have left out some parts, because this sounds like a homework assignment, and you will learn by filling in the unknown parts.
William Rose
William Rose on 31 Dec 2021
I believe that the constant in your equation corresponds to kinematic viscosity: =viscosity/density. I also believe that the units for A0 and A1 are pressure/length, and that the terms A0+A1*cos wt correspond to the pressure difference divided by the length of the tube. Are those beliefs correct? The Womersley number for pulsatile flow is . If I am correct about , then the Womersley number for this problem (in which R=1) is .

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