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Linear fit in a jumping window

Asked by Plastic Soul on 12 Nov 2014
Latest activity Edited by Plastic Soul on 13 Nov 2014
Hi everyone,
What I need to do is a linear fit of a certain part of my dataset. It would work like a window, fitting a certain part of the signal, and then jumps to the next part to fit it, and so on. So I did a loop of polyfit (first order). Does anyone have any suggestions on a simple example?
When I try my code using polyfit (first order) to get coefficients, for each window jump, I get this error (but it works even with this error):
In polyfit at 75
Warning: Polynomial is badly conditioned. Add points with distinct X values,
reduce the degree of the polynomial, or try centering and scaling as described
What do you think this error is trying to tell me?
Thank you.


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