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Richard Rees
Richard Rees il 10 Gen 2022
Commentato: Bhanu il 17 Set 2023
Hello, I am struggling on how to create a custom label for a series of plots I am doing at the moment (I know how to change the right axis colour). Attached is a sample graph. What I want to do is extract the symbol shapes and give them their space on the legend with an attached lable i.e. X = O and Y = +, then remove those symbols from the rest of the lines, just displaying those colours.
If you need to code to work with, I can supply it will just take a while to trim the accompanying data down.
Could you offer some suggestions.

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ANKUR KUMAR il 11 Gen 2022
You can add the legend manually and set the color and marker as per your own. See the below example for your reference.
x = linspace(0,pi);
plot(x, cos(x),'r')
hold on
plot(x, sin(x),'b')
plot(x, sin(2*x),'m')
qw{1} = plot(nan, 'r-o');
qw{2} = plot(nan, 'b--');
qw{3} = plot(nan, 'm-d');
qw{4} = plot(nan, 'k-d'); % You can add an extra element too
legend([qw{:}], {'Data1','Data2','Data3', 'Data4'}, 'location', 'best')
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Bhanu il 17 Set 2023
Thank you very much

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