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Simulink error : Failed to evaluate mask initialization commands

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I have a problem in using Braking Test Reference Application of Vehicle Dynamics Blockset. The error was occured in Debounce block. I've just played the simulink file as it posted in mathworks. The only one thing that I've changed is ABS type; Five-state abs to bang bang abs. Is there anyone who experienced this same of similar problem like me?
Error code is like below. Of course, I have Vehicle Dynamics Blockset license.
Error in 'high_mu_sim_bangbang/Controllers/Brake Pressure Control/Bang Bang ABS/Debounce1': Failed to evaluate mask initialization commands.
  • At least one of the following product licenses is required: Powertrain Blockset, Vehicle Dynamics Blockset, Automated Driving System Toolbox.
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Swati Jain
Swati Jain il 11 Gen 2023
I'm also facing the same problem in my model and by using the same technique, I'm also getting 1.

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer il 17 Gen 2022
Dear Minkwang,
I understand you are sure that you have the vehicle dynamics blockset, nevertheless I would suggest to check if you can check out the license:
status = license('test', 'Vehicle_Dynamics_Blockset')
If this gives 1 (i.e., you indeed have the license available), then I would suggest to reach out to MathWorks technical support. If it gives 0, reach out to your IT why it's not available to you.
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Minkwang Lee
Minkwang Lee il 18 Gen 2022
Thank you for replying to my question.
This is my result. I think i have to reach out to Mathworks.
Many thanks,

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Minkwang Lee
Minkwang Lee il 19 Gen 2022
The resullt is "1".
please refer to the comment above.
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Bella il 20 Dic 2023
I was also facing the same issue, and have tried the above solution, it really works. Regardless of this hectic tasks, have you ever thought of relaxing your mind? You should try Jojoy Stumble Guys.

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