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Why does dlquantizer not recognize my GPU?

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John Engel
John Engel il 21 Gen 2022
Commentato: John Engel il 27 Gen 2022
When I run the calibrate method of dlquantizer I get the following error:
Error using dlquantizer/calibrate
No GPU available. dlquantizer requires a GPU machine to quantize a network object.
However, my computer has an NVIDIA RTX3090 GPU that MATLAB recognizes when I run gpuDeviceTable:
Index Name ComputeCapability DeviceAvailable DeviceSelected
1 "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090" "8.6" true true
The MATLAB GPU Support Table indicates that this GPU should be compatible, so I do not understand what the problem is. Since the dlquantizer code is P-code, I cannot debug the issue. Does anyone know what might be going on?

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy il 24 Gen 2022
Modificato: Pratyush Roy il 24 Gen 2022
Hi John,
As per my understanding, you are unable to run the calibrate method for the dlquantizer object, although you have a GPU that is recognized by MATLAB.
There are certain prerequisites that we need to meet before we can quantize and deploy deep learning networks, e,g,, setting up the prerequisite products, ensuring that the compiler is compatible with our workflow amd the supported networks/classes/layers that we can quantize and deploy.
The documentation link here might be helpful to know about some of these pre-requisites.
Hope this helps!
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John Engel
John Engel il 27 Gen 2022
Thank you for the quick response. It appears that my system does not have cuDNN installed, so not satisfying the prerequisites might be the problem. Unfortunately, I have to wait for our IT department to install that. I do find it odd that the error message refers to a missing GPU, rather than a missing software component.

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