interfacing Matlab Simulink to app designer

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Ismail Abasoomar
Ismail Abasoomar on 22 Jan 2022
i need some assistance, my project is to build a temperature controller. i achieved this by building the model on Simulink. I interfaced Simulink with an Arduino and connected an LM35 temperature sensor to the Arduino. I have converted the singal to degrees celcius. when i connect a display to the signal in Simulink i am gettin the correct reading.
I need to get the Actual temperature reading from the LM35 sensor to display on my gui. i planned on showing it using a linear gauage. the problem is, i cant use the workspace because it dosn't allow for real time. any suestions would be helpful.
below is the code i am using on app designer.
function StartButtonPushed(app, event)
app.PowerOnLamp.Color = 'g';
app.ActualTemperatureGauge.Value = '';

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Alagu Sankar Esakkiappan
Alagu Sankar Esakkiappan on 28 Jan 2022
Edited: Alagu Sankar Esakkiappan on 28 Jan 2022
I see that you're trying to interface between a Simulink Model with a Standalone App created by App Designer. You may refer to the following example shipped with MATLAB:
Hope it helps!




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