Add XTickLabels names from cells array

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i need to add label names to a bar plot. Every bar refers to a channel name that is contained in a cell array named "nome_canali".
The total number of bars (N) is n_canali*n_try :Example: (n_canali=5, n_try=2 => N=10). So, i need to reiterate the names of the cell array two times in order to give to each bar his name instead of the numbers.
I tried with this but obviously it doesn't work:
  • figure
  • subplot(2,1,1)
  • bar(RMS)
  • set(gca,'XTick',[1:(n_canali*n_try)],'XTickLabel',{nome_canali});
How can i solve this problem?
Thank you, Stefano

Accepted Answer

Ankit on 25 Jan 2022
Edited: Ankit on 25 Jan 2022
@Stefano Cucchi I hope this is what you are looking for?
n_canali = 5;
n_try = 2;
nome_canali = {'ai0' 'ai1' 'ai3' 'ai4' 'ai7'};
y = [75 91 105 123.5 131 150 179 203 226 249];
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Stefano Cucchi
Stefano Cucchi on 25 Jan 2022
Now it's working! It was a small mistake.
Thank you!

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