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Find Image/Reference Image within Image

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Taru il 25 Gen 2022
Risposto: Jaynik il 25 Gen 2024
Hi All, I need to find the icons displayed in a pdf file and output them in a tabular format. I have turned the pdf file to png to be able to do some image processing on the image.
I need to use the reference icons to detect the status of the vehicle for each test and output that result in table format. The tests vary depending if it is a mechanical report or it states its a hybrid report therefore there may sometimes be additional columns to analyse. I have also attached the png versions of the reference icons on their own.
I require a table such as this example;
(col1) "Green" ,(col2) "Green" , (col3) "Orange" etc.....
It would be additionally helpul if it could run through each of the files also and output the results in a master table if possible.

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Jaynik il 25 Gen 2024
Hi Taru,
I assume that the specification sheet template remains the same. If that is the case, instead of using image processing or machine learning algorithms, you can simply set a template using coordinates of each icon.
As you have different images for the hybrid and mechanical report, you can easily determine whether to generate a column for hybrid or mechanical. Below is a sample code you can use to get started. I assume the "Standard Mechanical Report" for now:
finalAns = strings(2,3);
col1_top = [426, 243]; % Setting coordinates of each icon
col1_bottom = [434, 800]; % These should be set appropriately
col2_top = [891, 262];
col2_bottom = [895, 552];
col3_top = [1119, 259];
col3_bottom = [1119, 542];
coordsToCheck = [col1_top; col1_bottom; col2_top; col2_bottom; col3_top; col3_bottom];
img = imread("sheet1.png"); % Name of your specs seet
% if else statement to check if mechanical or hybrid
for i=1:size(coordsToCheck, 1)
y = ceil(i / size(finalAns, 1));
x = i - (y - 1) * size(finalAns, 1);
rgbValues = double(squeeze(img(coordsToCheck(i,2), coordsToCheck(i,1), :))) / 255;
rgbArray = reshape(rgbValues, [1, 1, 3]);
hsv = rgb2hsv(rgbArray);
hueDegrees = hsv(1) * 360;
saturationPercent = hsv(2) * 100;
valuePercent = hsv(3) * 100;
% Set colors based on hue and rgb values
if (hueDegrees <= 30 && hueDegrees >= 25)
finalAns(x,y) = "Orange";
elseif (hueDegrees <= 92 && hueDegrees >= 75)
finalAns(x,y) = "Green";
elseif (hueDegrees >= 345)
finalAns(x,y) = "Red";
elseif (rgbValues(1) == 0)
finalAns(x,y) = "Black";
finalAns(x,y) = "White";
I hope this works for you, feel free to reach out if you have any other queries regarding the code.

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