How can i code for problems which have range

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prem kumar
prem kumar on 26 Jan 2022
Commented: prem kumar on 26 Jan 2022
hello there friends previously i have posted here and its been a great help...Today i want to ask regarding how to code for range values ...Example :-0.3<x<0.3.I understood that i need to use for or If loop for this and the general syntax for loop is
for variable =c:g:h
so i tried something like this
for dn=1:1:365
if (-0.3>sdelta)&&(sdelta<0.3)
fprintf('number of days : %d',dn)
but i couldnt get the desired output.Can anyone help me out or guide me ?Thank You.

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DGM on 26 Jan 2022
Edited: DGM on 26 Jan 2022
I'm not sure if this is exactly where you're going with your example, but let's say you have a vector and you want to print a message for each element that falls within a range. You could do that with a loop like you show.
roomtemperature = [38 41 16 26 34 21 32 12 27 36]; % average temp per day
comfortablerange = [22 27];
for k = 1:numel(roomtemperature)
iscomfortable = roomtemperature(k)>=comfortablerange(1) ...
&& roomtemperature(k)<=comfortablerange(2);
if iscomfortable
fprintf('The room temp was a comfortable %d°C on day %d\n',roomtemperature(k),k)
The room temp was a comfortable 26°C on day 4 The room temp was a comfortable 27°C on day 9
If you want to do something other than print messages, it may be better to extract this information as logical vectors and use that to perform some desired tasks by indexing. This obviates the loop.
iscomfortable = roomtemperature>=comfortablerange(1) ...
& roomtemperature<=comfortablerange(2);
avgcomfortabletemps = mean(roomtemperature(iscomfortable))
avgcomfortabletemps = 26.5000
minuncomfortabletemps = min(roomtemperature(~iscomfortable))
minuncomfortabletemps = 12
maxuncomfortabletemps = max(roomtemperature(~iscomfortable))
maxuncomfortabletemps = 41
prem kumar
prem kumar on 26 Jan 2022
friend do you mind if you could explain the lines so it gives me a better understanding?

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