MATLAB 2014b missing GUIDE elements

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Greig il 21 Nov 2014
Commentato: Greig il 13 Mag 2015
I started creating a GUIDE GUI in 2014a and have just upgraded to 2014b. I was aware that some GUI elements may be hidden due to the new graphics system. And, lo and behold, parts were "missing" when I ran it. I fixed these minor points and carried on.
However, larger parts of the GUI, which initially worked in 2014b, disappeared (as well as having the positions of some elements reset to [0,0,1,1]). So, with a big pot of coffee, away I went fixing it, moving things back and front and in and out of their parent panels. Then I re-ran my and GUI everything looks as it should.
The catch, however, is when I close and re-run GUIDE (after saving), big chunks of the GUI are not visible in GUIDE. When I run the GUI, however, everything is as it should be. I have re-tweak the GUI in GUIDE to make elements visible, and it all works fine. But again, saving and restarting GUIDE leaves elements hidden. The GUI, however, still looks as it should.
In short, my GUI works as it should, but it is a pain to edit with GUIDE because of the elements being hidden. This is my first GUI, so missing something really obvious is a possibility. I'm running 2014b, on OS X Mavericks.
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Luca Amerio
Luca Amerio il 19 Mar 2015
Modificato: Luca Amerio il 19 Mar 2015
Same problem here. Components inside panels works fine when I run the GUI, but inside GUIDE they are invisible. They are there, I can click them or select them from the object browser. I can change their properties etc etc.
The units of these objects weren't normalized, but they were all hidden by default(they were meant to appear after a certain action).
I tried to upgrade to 2015a, but nothing changed.
I already ran both the updater tools. Nothing changed. I also told the panels to "Send to back". Again nothing changed.
I noticed however that even brand new components added to those panels are hidden.
UPDATE: I found that a simple cut & paste of the flawed object restore their appearance. However this screws up all the tags and the callbacks. This means a quite long work to fix everything again.
UPDATE2: If you undo (instead of paste) the Tags will be correct and the workaround still works. I wrote this below as proposed "solution" (more a workaround than a solution though).
Vincent il 13 Mag 2015
I'm having the same problem. I also used nested panels in my GUI. Some panels disappear in both GUIDE and when I run the GUI.
Luca Amerio's fix works most of the time, but is there a "proper" solution yet?

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Luca Amerio
Luca Amerio il 19 Mar 2015
I found a work-around: if you cut (or delete) the panel and then UNDO, the panel's elements appears at their place. Pay attention not to PASTE because this screws up all the tags and the callbacks.
Once you save and re-open the gui, the elements are again invisible and the procedure has to be repeated.
A fast way is to open the gui and then "select all" (CTRL-A), delete (DEL) and undo (CTRL-Z). Everything will be then fine.
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Greig il 13 Mag 2015
A useful work around, but hopefully something that will be fixed in a near future release.

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Matt J
Matt J il 23 Nov 2014
Modificato: Matt J il 23 Nov 2014
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Greig il 23 Nov 2014
Hi Matt,
I have run both updater tools, but they don't pick up any problems for the code or the figure (before suffering the problem I am about to describe).
I'm working on a trimmed down version of the code to illustrate this problem. In the original GUI resize behaviour was set to "Proportional", so I tried turning it off and running it again, this is what I got (GUIDE still shows the same)...
But the graphics app gives this...
On closer inspection, the object browser shows that all the "missing" elements are there, but that there positions are now [0,0,0,0]. Resetting the resizing does nothing. Resizing and moving of some of the elements was a problem I had before, but not having all reset like this.
I'll work on getting a trimmed version that has the elements in their place, but are not displayed in GUIDE.
Cheers Greig

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