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How can I save a list of open m-files?

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Is there a function that returns the list of files currently open in the editor?
I frequently work with 25+ m-files open. When quitting and restarting MATLAB, the open files are reopened as desired (preferences setting). However, in the rare case that MATLAB crashes, I have often restarted to find an empty editor. It is a pain to manually select and reopen each m-file. If there is a function for getting the list, I can run it in my finish.m script and save the results. That way I always have a way to reload open files.

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Adam Schuyler
Adam Schuyler il 21 Set 2011
I found a way. It's not pretty, but in case someone else might find this useful...
In my user folder (on OSX) there is .matlab/R2009a/MATLABDesktop.xml
There is a LOT of stuff in this file, but I found many entries of the form:
<ClientData EditorFileName="FULL PATH TO ONE OF MY OPEN M-FILES"/>
All my m-files are at /Volumes/data/adam/...
The following grep commands find the desired lines in the xml file and extract JUST the m-file paths:
grep 'EditorFileName' MATLABDesktop.xml | grep -o '\"/Volumes/.*\.m\"'
Copy/paste the list into a cell array and
The API referenced by Sean de seems like a much nicer option for those using newer releases.
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Sam Zebrado
Sam Zebrado il 16 Nov 2021
Love this solution: it seems to be able to save the layout as well

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Kurt von Niederhausen
Kurt von Niederhausen il 22 Apr 2021
function saveListOfOpenFiles(listFile)
fid = fopen(listFile,'w');
% filenames=cellfun(@(s)s(find(s==filesep,1,'last')+1:end-2),{f.Filename},'uniformoutput',false);
for(i = 1:length(filenames))
fname = filenames{i};
fprintf(fid, '%s \n', fname);
function openFilesInList(listFile)
fid = fopen(listFile);
file = fgetl(fid);
fprintf('Opending File: %s \n', file);
I created two Matlab Functions: saveListOfOpenFiles and openFilesInList. Now you can just call this at any time you have the editor the way you want and then retrieve the open files with the commands:

Jan il 21 Set 2011
The editor API has not changed, it is only documented now.
ES = com.mathworks.mlservices.MLEditorServices;
OpenFiles = ES.builtinGetOpenDocumentNames;
C = cell(1, numel(OpenFiles));
for i = 1:length(C)
C{i} = char(OpenFiles(i));
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Jan il 11 Nov 2017
With modern Matlab versions:
docs = matlab.editor.getAll;
Name = {docs.Filename};
Andrew Sandeman
Andrew Sandeman il 29 Ago 2022
*typo: matlab.desktop.editor.getAll
but otherwise works well

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Peter O'Connor
Peter O'Connor il 2 Mar 2012
Yep, at least on R2011A there is.
If you just want the filenames, then go
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Dan il 4 Giu 2013
I can't kind help on this call. Is there a way to restore the list?

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alieed il 4 Gen 2020
Try this
% creat list of your m-files
openFiles = matlab.desktop.editor.getAll;
mfileNames = {openFiles.Filename};
save (['mfileNames' date],'mfileNames')
% reload them in the future whenever you want
for i=1:length(mfileNames)
A=open (char(mfileNames(i)))
% All the best :)@ ali2020
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Michel Bertrand
Michel Bertrand il 5 Dic 2020
This does not pick mlx files in the editor. I am still looking for a solution
Michel Bertrand
Michel Bertrand il 5 Dic 2020
oops.... it does work with R2020b, and I could make it work with R2019b.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 21 Set 2011
See this question and answers from last week:
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Adam Schuyler
Adam Schuyler il 21 Set 2011
Thanks for the quick reply Sean de, but I'm using R2009a and R2010a, so the editor API is not available to me. I captured the open m-file list once before (1+ year ago?), so I know it is possible. I really wish I saved the function call...

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MichaelR il 19 Set 2015
My suggestion to backup the list of open files on a mac:
- Exit Matlab - Backup from .matlab/R20xxy both MATLABDesktop.xml and MATLABDesktop.xml.prev for instance by copying them to the desktop - Launch Matlab and do your stuff
To revert to the former files copy both files back to .matlab/R20xxy
Rmk: .matlab is hidden under your root directory. It is hidden because one should not tinker with those files :). Rmk: matlab updates the two files regularly, so probably it is a good idea to do the file manipulations with matlab shut down Rmk3: Seems to work for versions since at least R2012b on

Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 5 Dic 2020
This wasn't an option when the question was asked originally, but you may want to create a Project to manage your files.
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Jim Leveque
Jim Leveque il 13 Set 2021
I really like the way that Visual Studio Code handles this, with workspaces that you can load or close. The project idea seems very heavy-handed since it inserts MATLAB too far into the development loop. e.g., source control, which is usually done outside MATLAB.

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Souarv De
Souarv De il 12 Ott 2023
%parse XML file
xmlFiles = xmlread([prefdir filesep 'MATLAB_Editor_State.xml']);
%Retrieve the "clients"
FileNodes = xmlFiles.getElementsByTagName('File');
%get the length of the FileNodes
nrFiles = FileNodes.getLength;
%initialize Files
Files = cell(nrFiles,1);
%initialize isFile
isFile = zeros(nrFiles,1);
%Iterate over all Elements and check if it is a file.
for iNode = 0:nrFiles-1 % Java indexing.
Files{iNode+1} = [char(FileNodes.item(iNode).getAttribute('absPath')),...
%check if the "client" is a file:
isFile(iNode+1) = exist(Files{iNode+1},'file') == 2 && ~(strcmp(Files{iNode+1},'Workspace'));
%remove the other files:
MyFiles = Files(find(isFile));
%open the files in the editor:


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