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Delete Cells in Cell array in two loops....

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Ibrahs il 31 Gen 2022
Commentato: Rik il 1 Feb 2022
Hi everyone,
I have the following code and want to delete the empty cells in the results:
tt1 = find(year(Time) == 2015 & month(Time) == 10);
tt2 = find(year(Time) == 2010 & month(Time) == 10);
tt3 = find(year(Time) == 2019 & month(Time) == 04);
JT = [ tt1; tt2; tt3 ];
H= [ 4, 8];
for h = H
for jt = JT'
PdfDat{h,jt+h}=strcat('T',num2str(year(Time(jt+h))), 'Q', num2str(ceil(month(Time(jt+h)) / 3)));
Pdfd{h,jt+h}=ResMatch_LU.PST(jt+h, :);
The results are the following in which I want to delete the [ ] such that the array will be presented in fucntion of 'h' and 'jt+h' :
I want also to delete [ ] in the cell "1x401 double" here in coulumns 52 and 56;
Could you please help me to do those changes? My Matlab version is R2015a.
Many thanks!

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Ankit il 31 Gen 2022
You can use cellfun: Apply a function to each cell of a cell array
'isempty' -- true for cells containing an empty array, false otherwise
PdfDat_new = PdfDat(~cellfun('isempty',PdfDat));
Pdfd_new = Pdfd(~cellfun('isempty',Pdfd));
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Ankit il 1 Feb 2022
why dont you use the method mentioned by rik? here with limited info and without having your relevant file it is not easy to reproduce the same problem
Rik il 1 Feb 2022
It would probably help if you replace this loop:
for h=H
with this loop:
for n_H=1:numel(H)

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