How to modelling and measure an algorithmic potentiometer in Matlab

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I need to compare the output voltage of an algorithmic potentiometer with the ouput voltage of a liner potentiometer. Im having trouble finding compatible blocks in Simulink. I understand there are potentiometer blocks in the RF blockset and the regular simscape blockset but I find it troublesome to measure the outputs using the scope block. Is it possible for an example to be provided of how the simulation may be ran?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 14 Feb 2022
Hello Derek,
the appropriate way to model potentiometer response is using Simscape. If you are having trouble with Simscape, I would recommend starting with this free training: which has a section on op-amps. If you don't like using the scopes, I recommend using the to workspace block so you can view the data in Matlab.


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