How to validate Ansys Transient Thermal simulation results in Matlab PDE Solver Toolbox?

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I have completed a sawing simulation in Ansys transient thermal workbench using element birth and death method. Currently, I need to validate the simulation result is correct or not with Matlab PED solver toolbox. However, the final result obtained from the Matlab PED solver toolbox has different from the Ansys simulation result. I think the error occurs during assigning the boundary conditions and the value of h_coef. In addition, the heat flux is apply only the sawing region.

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 18 Feb 2022
Hi Eyob,
You are using FEATool and not PDE Toolbox. FEATool is not developed my MathWorks. I suggest you contact the support/developers of FEATool directly:

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