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Plot line with points at given distance

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Hi all,
I need to find a way to plot markers along a line (river course; attached file) with a given distance, e.g. each 500m.
Is there a way to extract these values. The find function does not work in this situation since I only get an empty double column vector. I've used the TopoToolbox before, so the dataset is a STREAMobj which might be diffucult to read for one who hasn't the toolbox installed.
I tried to plot new points with spacing, but since the river is not smoothed and also should not be, point spacing starts and every new edge.
hold on
spacing = 500;
In advance thanks for your help.
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Voss il 18 Feb 2022
Ah, I see. I thought all the toolboxes were available here, so that's good to know.
Ricco Blass
Ricco Blass il 19 Feb 2022
Yes I updated my question. Should have mentioned that before.

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Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart il 25 Feb 2022
Since you are working with TopoToolbox, you might want to use the function getlocation. If you have a STREAMobj S, then you can retrieve points at a distance of 500 m as follows:
DEM = GRIDobj('srtm_bigtujunga30m_utm11.tif');
FD = FLOWobj(DEM);
S = STREAMobj(FD,'minarea',1000);
S = klargestconncomps(trunk(S));
[x,y,val] = getlocation(S,[0:500:max(S.distance)]);
hold on
plot(x,y,'ok','MarkerFaceColor',[.5 .5 .5])
axis image

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Catalytic il 19 Feb 2022




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