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Does System Composer support bidirectional bus connections such as ethernet?

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I would like to connect two components of my system with just one connection, rather than two. This is used in ethernet and MIL-STD-1553 bus protocols.
If this feature is not present, should I use the Physical Interface connection?

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Yoga il 14 Feb 2023
Hi Charlie!
Components in the system composer cannot be connected bidirectionally with normal connectors.
The normal connectors have the following syntax:
Connectors connect the unconnected output ports of the source component srcComponent to the unconnected input ports of the destination component destComponent based on matching port names, and returns a handle to the connector. For physical connections, the connectors are nondirectional so the source and destination components can be interchanged.
Therefore, for implementing ethernet,MIL-STD-1553 bus kind of connections, it is better to consider looking at physical interface connections.
You can add Simscape behavior to a subsystem component using physical ports, connectors, and interfaces.
You may have a look at these links which are relevant:
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Charlie White
Charlie White il 26 Ott 2023
Modificato: Charlie White il 26 Ott 2023
Thanks for this and sorry for the slow reply.
When using physical connectors, is it possible to group them into harnesses?
I have a physical interface which is composed of multiple physical buses. However, I am unable to decompose those buses in system composer. Is there a way to do this?
The same functionality is available for data buses - at the input to a component, you can do bus.element to show that that element was selected from the bus for a certain inport.

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