How to change the name of topic in DDS

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Jim Zhang
Jim Zhang on 1 Mar 2022
Commented: Mark McBroom on 10 Oct 2022
DDS->Code interface->DDS Libraries->Domains->Topic. Are there any restrictive rules for naming topics?
When I named topic, I found that if there are special symbols in it, it cannot be named.
For a simple example, if the topic of a manipulator in our robot is "RT / SCR / psa1 / jointstate", then I need to define the same name when defining the topic in MATLAB, but I find that when defining the name of the topic, if the name is with "/", it cannot be named.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 10 Oct 2022
You are correct that the DDS Data Dictionary currently does not allow the user to create a Topic with a name that contains a slash. Here is one possible workaround for this:
  1. Create a Topic without a "/"
  2. Generate code
  3. Edit the XML file that is generated. Modify <domain_library> section of the XML file. Change the topic name to include the desired "/"
  4. Close the Simulink model
  5. Delete the .sldd file
  6. Open the Simulink model
  7. Use the DDS quick start to import the new XML file created in step 3.
  8. In the DDS Data Dictionary, you should now see the Topic type defined with "/".
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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 10 Oct 2022
Also, I've made an enhancement request to allow user to enter topic names with special characters in the DDS Data Dictionary.

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