How can i plot data from XLM file?

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Jonathan Demmer
Jonathan Demmer on 9 Mar 2022
close all
clear all
cd ('E:\publi\Waiting-room\Matt_paper_hydrogen\data_vessel_emodnet\');
S = readstruct("EMODnet_HA_Vessel_Density_Map_20210325_MD.xml");
I am trying to plot a map from data that I downloaded into .xml file. I managed to see the structure of it. However, I dont know how to plot the data.
Unfortunately, I cant copy the file in here, but data can be access here:
Can someone help me please?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 9 Mar 2022
Here is an example that may be helpful. If you can post your sample code that loads and displays your map, along iwth the XML file itself and any work you have done for loading it, then the community may be able to give a better answer.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 9 Mar 2022
If the XML file is too large, then post an example that has the important information but just less of it. If you have the Mapping Toolbox please look over the examples included with the toolbox and try to implement one with your map. Then ask some specific questions and post your code.

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