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how to obtain 1-step prediction with narx?

Asked by E A
on 22 Dec 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Gabriel Theberge on 1 May 2016
Assume that I obtained a narx model using system identification toolbox based on the regressors y(k) and u(k). I.e.,
y(k+1)=f(y(k), u(k)).
How can I calculate y(k+1) given for example that y(k)=1, u(k)=-1? I.e., how can I calculate the one-step prediction y(k+1) GIVEN y(k) and u(k)?

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I have the EXACT same question, and it seems that I'm not alone. There is a lot of people who experiment the same problem, and this question is unsolved everywhere I saw it on internet. I think the Matlab documentation is unclear about that. If someone has the answer to this question (or a link to the answer), I will be very grateful if you share it. Thank you very much.

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