How to initialize static variable in C caller blocks during simulation

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float func_1(void)
static float a = 0;
a = a +1;
return a;
Simulation setting Fixed step size = 0.1s. Run simulation for 1 second:
  1. First simulation: a = 10
  2. Second simulation: a = 20
  3. Third simulation: a = 30
It seems that re-run simulation after ending one simulation, the "a" wil stay same as the value of the last simulation.
I understnad for global variables we can write a initilization function to initialize it. How about the static variable within the function?

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Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo il 5 Dic 2022
The "C Caller" block creates temporal C and header files, compiles these and creates .dll files under the slprj folder. These .dll files hold values of static variables between simulations.
Can you go to the Model Explorer and open "Callbacks" for the model? And, please type in
in "InitFcn".
This will solve the issue with initializing static variables in C Caller blocks.
Please check attached file for a specific example.


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