Frictional Friction block on simscape

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Baris Ecevit
Baris Ecevit il 6 Apr 2022
Risposto: Steve Miller il 9 Mag 2023
First of all, I hope you're Okay in these days.
I'm modeling a simple Coulomb & Dry friction with a translational spring. I do not know the parameters in the translational friction block unfortunately. I only need to model the Coulomb friction which is constant with any velocity. I search the parameters on the block. According to my system parameters as written below, theorically, there has to be only five half cycles.
m = 400 kg
Free vibration( means it doesn't pull by a force ) (the system initially pulled by a distance as 3 cm)
mu_k = 0.1
mu_s = 0.11
In order to only represent dry friction, what should I need to insert the parameters ? If you can help me, I would be quite gratefull. Have a nice and healty days.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller il 9 Mag 2023
In the Translational Friction block, set the coulomb friction force to be mu_k*(mass*gravity). Set the Breakaway Friction Force to be mu_s*mass*gravity. Set the Viscous friction coefficient to 0 or something quite small.


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