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a function that has two inputs: a number and a row vector

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The code i am tryin to make requires that there be only two inputs, the first a number and the second as a row vector. How do I do that? I have tried looking online and even in my textbook but i cant find anything.
I should calarify, when calling the function the command window should read My_func(1,[18 11 22 48]).
What I have in my .m file is function y = My_func(a,b,c,d,e), I believe this is where I am having a lack of knowlege.

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Torsten il 9 Apr 2022
Modificato: Torsten il 9 Apr 2022
scalar = 6.0;
vector = [3 5 8];
output = input(scalar,vector)
function output = input(scalar,vector)
output = scalar*vector;

KSSV il 9 Apr 2022
function val = myfun(a,b)
if numel(a) ~= 1 | size(b,1) ~=1
error('check the inputs') ;
% Do what you want
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 9 Apr 2022
Instead of using numel and size here, I recommend using isscalar and isrow or isvector (depending on whether you care about the orientation or just whether or not the input is a vector.)

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