How to add noise in [0 2] interval to an elements of an array randomly?

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I have an array that is called 'r1' and i need a white noise to add to elements of the array. Every noise that is gonna to be added to elements should be different (like randomly) in [0,2] interval.
a = 0;
b = 360;
ncycles = 10;
npoints = 500000;
r1 = sort((b-a)*rand(npoints/ncycles,ncycles)+a,1,'ascend');
r1 = r1(:);
Ayberk Ay
Ayberk Ay on 12 Apr 2022
I've tried something but not sure it is exact true.
sigmas = 2;
randomNoise = randn(length(r1), 1)*sigmas+a;
r11 = r1 + randomNoise;

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Apr 2022
I'd do it like this
noiseSignal = 2 * rand(size(r1));
r1WithNoise = r1 + noiseSignal;
If you want + or - 1 instead of adding noise, which will bias the signal upwards you can do:
noiseSignal = 2 * rand(size(r1)) - 1;
r1WithNoise = r1 + noiseSignal;

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland on 12 Apr 2022
Edited: Christopher McCausland on 12 Apr 2022
Hi Ayberk,
Have you tried awgn(r1)?
r1Gaus = awgn(r1);
Kind regards,
Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland on 12 Apr 2022
No worries,
I am glad to be of help! If you could accept this answer that would be fantastic!

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