Where can I find Fcn block in simulink in matlab R2022a?

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In previous realeses of Matlab there was the "Fcn" block when I used Simulink, How can I avoid this problem in Matlab R2022a?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Apr 2022
Which of the blocks in the User-Defined Functions library do you want to use?
I'm guessing you want either MATLAB Function or Interpreted MATLAB Function.
Andreas on 12 Jan 2023
@Sam Chak But the interpreted matlab function is set to be removed in the future as well.
"The Fcn block comes in handy for user who wishes to quickly enter a relatively simple equation such as:
u(1) + sin(u(2))*tan(u(3)) + cos(u(2))*tan(u(3))"
Exactly. Any better way to achive this?

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Harun GIRGIN on 28 Nov 2022
Thank you all and your answers. These helped a lot.

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 12 Jan 2023
You can try if the following blocks from the older release still work in your system.


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